Pure Copper Glass, Tumbler with Lid, Drinkware, Serveware, 300ml

Regular price M.R.P. (Incl. of all taxes): ₹1,035
SKU: IAV-CC-2-116
Type: Copper Glass
Number of Pieces



Number of Pieces - 1

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022,

MRP : 1035

Country Of Origin : INDIA
Weight - 100 Grams

Height - 4inch

Width - 2.8inch

Volume - 300ml



Number of Pieces - 2

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022,

MRP : 1725

Country Of Origin : INDIA
Weight - 200 Grams

Height - 4inch each

Width - 2.8inch each

Volume - 300ml each



Number of Pieces - 4

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022,

MRP : 3150

Country Of Origin : INDIA
Weight - 400 Grams

Height - 4inch each

Width - 2.8inch each

Volume - 300ml each



Number of Pieces - 6

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022,

MRP : 4575

Country Of Origin : INDIA
Weight - 600 Grams

Height - 4inch each

Width - 2.8inch each

Volume - 300ml each

Key Features

  • Hygiene: The Glass comes with a Lid to cover the glass when not in use so that no Insects or any kind of dirt comes in contact with our healthy water.
  • Since there is no plastic it has the benefit of being BPA-free, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals.
  • These Tumblers not only have the health benefits but also have Trendy looks for better ergonomics. You can add Royal Vintage Look to your Kitchen & Dining by using these Glasses as your Drinkware / Serveware.
  • This beautiful and useful Product has been handcrafted and Artisan Crafted by skilled craftsmen of Indian Art Villa with care & love and is of exceptional quality which makes it a perfect gift for all occasions.
  • Order this Pure Copper Glass / Tumbler used for Drinking / Storing water from Indian Art Villa at Great deals & offers and get a Contactless delivery at your doorstep.
  • Our Copper Utensils are 100% Genuine, 99.99 % copper and 0.01 % others. On the box, one can check out the 100% Pure Copper Certification.
  • Our Products come with INDIAN ART VILLA Care instruction Booklet & Sample Cleaning Powder, so our customer cum family faces no problem while using the product.



Indian Art Villa Presents Best Quality Pure Copper Matt Finish Designer Tumbler / Glass handcrafted in luxury design with a lid having a capacity of 300ml each. We offer the best affordable prices & Free Shipping PAN India. Drinking the Water stored in copper utensils has innumerable health benefits. It has anti-bacterial properties that help purify water & remove toxins. It aids digestion & Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022,
Country Of Origin : INDIA
Weight loss. It protects us from diseases like arthritis, anemia, blood pressure, hyperthyroid, cancer and relieves us of joint pains. It has immense skin benefits too. Copper is an Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging. Copper is the primary element to produces melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair, and skin) in the human body. The easiest and cheapest way to cure the copper deficiency is to drink the water stored in copper vessels. One should make it a habit of drinking water stored in copper utensils so as to keep themselves healthy. We suggest that one should drink this water stored in a copper vessel in copper Tumblers / Glasses only so that the pH level of water doesn't change when filled from the copper vessel into glasses and it stays as healthy as it was for you earlier.


Care Tips

Many Customers Love the Vintage/Antique Tarnished Look. Tarnish is formed due to oxidization. It is the basic nature of Pure Copper that it oxidizes when it comes in contact with air and water, but if you follow the care instructions provided by us it can help you maintain the products at their best.

  1. Traditional methods of cleaning copper Utensils are by rubbing the copper with a mixture of salt and tamarind paste. Nowadays, you can use fresh lemon juice / Vinegar & salt or baking soda and vinegar diluted. Allow it to stand in Utensil overnight or at least 8 hours for best effects. Rinse in the morning. But don't use this method regularly.
  2. Clean your copperware with the powder used especially to clean copper products (we provide the sample powder with the package) and avoid the dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage.
  3. Avoid scratchy cleaners like steel scrub.
  4. For daily wash, you can use a soft/mild soap base liquid and then rinse it with hot water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth.
  5. Use Copper Shining Powder for cleaning the copper utensils to avoid tarnish and grime with hands. Completely safe and gentle on hands.
  6. Note: Copper Utensils Tarnish from time to time. This is Normal for Authentic Copper utensils.


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