Copper Serveware

Copper is ideal as serveware for your guests. Aside from the health benefits that they carry, copper utensils make for a perfect addition to your exotic utensil collection. From containers and dinner sets to barbecue essentials such as Chafing Dish, Tandoor and Sigri, Indian Art Villa lets you choose from a wide variety of copper serveware through our shopping platform and get them delivered to your place through online ordering.

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A classic traditional copper serveware item, designed specifically for serving traditional Indian dishes from curries to lentils, and more, will add a touch of authentic Indian flair and class to your dinner table and also kitchen. This will leave your guests mightily impressed with a truly authentic Indian dining experience.


  • Durable, practical, and sturdy copper tableware It can withstand years of usage if properly maintained.
  • Made of 100 percent pure copper with an outer layer that makes it resistant to corrosion and heat.
  • Inside - made of pure stainless steel material; and outside - hand-hammered copper.
  • Lovely hammer chiseled finish. This gives it a decorative aura, making it a great addition to any dining table and even kitchen.
  • Lined with polished stainless steel surface. This helps to preserve the nutritional value and taste of the cooked food.
  • Lined with a copper bottom that adds style to the Copper Handi. Additionally, it also makes it safe for food contact.
  • Possess a tight lid that can hold steam and retain the aroma and taste of the cooked food inside the Copper Handi.
  • Durable, practical, and sturdy copper utensil It can withstand years of usage if properly maintained.
  • Rustproof which means unlike iron made utensils, it does not get rusted with oxidation.
  • Requires minimal of or no maintenance. If properly used and maintained, it can be used for years, making it pure value for your money.
  • Easy to clean and wash. It does not require any re-tinning.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly like all copper vessels.


These utensils can be easily cleaned (cleaning can be done once in a week). All that is required is a lemon and salt, or other non-abrasive treatments to clean it. This will help to restore back its shine.

To preserve it properly for long, rinse it with a cotton cloth after washing. This will keep it rust and stain-free.

If you’re looking for copper utensils online; and interested to know about our collection of Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel products; and branded utensils, visit INDIAN ART VILLA at 

Bulk orders are accepted for any kind of utensils. Additionally, you can also avail the best of discounts and excellent fast shipping services.


Make your meals a memorable occasion with Indian Art Villa’s wide collection of world-class copper serveware products. They will give your dining table, a unique look with their practical and well-designed appearance and touch.

INDIAN ART VILLA is known for its fabulous collection of finely chiseled copper serveware products that will enliven your dining experience to the next level. They will also make a difference to your kitchen setting with their beautiful appearance and unique looks.

Aside from being strong and sturdy, what makes Indian Art Villa’s copper serveware products’ a standout from others are they  

  • Are designed with thick stems that guarantee their durability.
  • Come with smooth edges that guarantee their safety.
  • Come with delicate design elements that will stay eternal and retain uniqueness, no matter how much they are used.
  • Are known for their durability; and additionally their soft-curved edges will assure safety while adding a touch of functionality and style to your dining table.
  • Adapt to both basic and formal table settings, giving them a refined feel.