Copper Plate & Thali

Copper Plates offer a catchy addition to your kitchen utensils and, given their durability, are there to stay with your for a long time. The best part is, unlike bone china crockery, they are robust and can be used as dinner serve ware daily, and when you have guests over, they are just as shiny and attractive as always.

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Copper Thali  

If you’re looking for a traditional Indian dinner set that offers a unique dining experience, then copper thali from Indian Art Villa should be your choice. 

With this copper thali, Indian cuisine will never have tasted better. You will soon dine on your favorite food served with traditional Indian hospitality, with relish. Additionally, like all copper utensils, copper thali also possesses anti-bacterial properties. It will ensure that the food you eat will be safe and healthy for your body.

The lovely handmade copper thali makes a fabulous addition to the Copper Dinner Set collection.

Like all Indian Art Villa’s copper utensils, the copper thali comes with the assurance of authenticity and quality.


Made of 100 percent pure, refined copper to perfection.

  • Handcrafted by expert and skilled artisans of Indian Art Villa, to precision with care and attention to detail.
  • Sports an aesthetic antique, ergonomic, and traditional Indian design with a fine finish that will make you feel close to Indian culture. It will add elegance to your home as a home décor item; or as a decorative showpiece in bars and restaurants. 
  • Lined with food-safe steel on the inside.
  • Makes a lovely gift item to your near and dear ones for any occasion. From festivals to celebrations of any kind.

Cleaning Tips

Like all copper utensils,

  •  Clean your copper thali by hand, or hand wash it with regular detergent. Then later, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.
  •  Use a wedge of lemon or lime to clean it once every few weeks. 
  •  Avoid the use of a dishwasher or pitambari powder to clean it.


  • All copper utensils tarnish or oxidize over time. It is natural with all copper utensils products.
  • Copper thali comes with care instructions booklet & sample cleaning powder. 
  • Follow the care instructions booklet on how to clean the copper thali set. If done accordingly, it will retain its shine and maintain its performance for a long.