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It should be self-explanatory that nothing can replace Copper when we talk about Handi. What can be discussed, however, is the variety of combinations of copper and other metals that can made used to make a appealing collection Handi serveware. The best thing about copper is that it allows for the integration of other elements to make a perfect handi set based on preferences of everyone. Check out our finest list of Copper Handi and order your favorite ones right away.

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A copper handi is the perfect choice for everyday use and just right for keeping and serving food items and curries. Whether you need to store dry snacks and curried items, nothing can be as worthy as a copper handi. However, when it comes to obtaining quality items, you can fully trust the copper kitchenware and cookware from Indian Art Villa.

The beginning:

The company has been into making copper handi and creates an impressive collection of copper kitchenware and cookware. Indian Art Villa came into operations in 2012 under the leadership of Mr. Virendra Taluka and the aim was to let more people know about the benefits of using copper cookware and utensils.

Indian Art Villa is one of the leading names as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of copper products. With an amazing offering in the home and kitchen category, we have created a big difference and now maintain a top position for relying put products through the reputed e-commerce stores.

  • Copper is an element used from the pre-historic times.
  • Copper acts as an antioxidant and hence has the potential to combat the negative impact of free radicals.
  • The element also aids the production of melanin, responsible for giving color to the eyes and skin and gives protection from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Experts reveal that copper has a role to play when managing the irregularities of the thyroid gland and it is a no-brainer that deficiency of copper results in the malfunction of the thyroid gland. So, using copper cookware is one of the finest solutions to prevent dysfunction of the gland.
  • Hypertension is a problem that may set from the childhood and may keep growing until the adulthood and is believed to be one of the manifestations of lack of copper in the body. As trace amounts of copper in the body plays a crucial role for regulating blood pressure.

Using a copper handi set to keep food items may infuse copper in the body and balances high blood pressure. Therefore, the initiative of Indian Art Villa in offering high-quality copper handis, cookware, and serveware is an excellent way of soaking in the benefits of copper.

Prevention of anemia:

Copper helps in breaking down the food items and prepare hemoglobin and helps in the absorption of iron. Keeping this in mind, we have designed extravagant and beautiful copper utensils not only to preserve the legacy of the old times but prevent the deficiency of copper in the body.

Most people should be familiar that lack of copper in the human body results in critical hematological disorders and lowers the white blood cells in the body.

Leveraging our strengths:

Indian Art Villa has been serving an array of customers in the wedding industries and in the hotels and restaurants. The company’s products have earned accolades from various yoga centers that leverage the benefits of drinking water from the copper vessels.

It is believed that drinking water from a copper vessel helps in balancing the doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha through the infusion of copper into the body. Therefore, they are into making a wide range of utensils that is likely to aid in the infusion.

Goals and objectives:

The aim of the company is to bring the skilled metal artisans specialized in manufacturing copper cookware and serveware into the conventional economy. Furthermore, Indian Art Villa aids in the promotion of the Indian culture and heritage through their work models and are keen to preserve the amazing craftwork of the country.

The takeaway:

Not only does the company aim to give employment to the artisans but has successfully manufactured about 2500 copper products till today. The design of the copper products uses the patent software of the company and they are uniquely handmade. With so much to offer and the skills for manufacturing handi and serveware, the company plans to offer more to the customers.