Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner Ayurvedic Benefits Brown

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Type: Drinkware
SKU: IAV-CC-1-133

1.Hygenic build:the product is made of Superior Grade Copper. It is impervious to bacteria
2.Hence it prevents the bacteria build up unlike its synthetic alternative
3.User friendly Build: It has non-gagging shape with optimal length and works effectively on entire tongue surface
4.The gauge is heavy but it is made flexible for effective tongue surface cleaning.It goes gentle on the tongue and performs its duty without nicks and cuts
5.Copper products tarnish/oxidize over time, this is natural for copper products. Please follow the care instruction manual for cleaning copper products. Sample copper cleaning powder is provided with every order
The product is made of superior quality copper that is of surgical grade.It clinically removes plaque,fungi,dead cells and bacteria from the tongue's surface,hence it is a perfect tool for tongue scraping for maintaining oral hygiene.It effectively restores our taste sensation by cleaning the taste buds and prevents the cause of bad breath.The plaque is formed mainly during sleep , when our digestion process remains active and deposits toxins and wastes onto the surface of the tongue.And if this plaque is not cleaned,it gets accumulated and reabsorbed by the body.This will lead to reduced immunity, digestive problems,affects the respiratory system severely. So this Tongue cleaner is best suited for easy yet effective tongue scraping and helps us to prevent the above problems.It has contoured handles and no synthetic material is used(Copper).It has comfortable grip and can be handled easily. The shape of tongue cleaner is non-gagging and it slides gently over our tongue.With its non-porous finishing the tongue cleaner prevents the accumulation of organic material on the surface.It has optimal length, this helps us to reach all the areas of the tongue effectively.