Indian Art Villa Brass Handmade Designer Pooja Bell, Ghanti, Nandi Cow Design, Spiritual Item

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Weight - 140 Grams

Height - 4"

Width - 1.8""




Weight - 300 Grams

Height - 5.5"

Width - 2.5"


Key Features

  • A pooja bell is an indispensable pooja accessory for any pooja-ghar or temple. It is rung to awaken the god or goddess and symbolise the beginning of the worship, let the deity know the worshipper is ready to worship them.
  • The therapeutic sound of bells is a soothing break from the otherwise raucous cacophony of sounds that surround us.
  • The sharp sound that is created when the bell is rung activates the seven chakras in your body and evacuates the negative energy. The sound is soothing to the ears and calms down the mind and soul. Thus making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Creates harmony between the left and the right lobes of the brain. Thus, creating unity between them, keeping them working in tandem for a productive day.
  • The sound retains the principle of deities and drives away the evil energies. This will help us connect with the divine energy, which is only accessible to pure souls.
  • The sound of the bell is like a waking call. The sound rouses both our body and mind to an alert state. This clears our head of any weariness and gives a burst of energy that keeps us refreshed.
  • This beautiful and useful Product has been handcrafted and Artisan Crafted by skilled craftsmen of Indian Art Villa with care & love and is of exceptional quality which makes it a perfect Gift for all occasions.
  • Our Products comes with INDIAN ART VILLA Care instruction Booklet & Sample Cleaning Powder, so our customer cum family faces no problem while using the product.



Indian Art Villa Presents Best Quality Brass Handmade Designer Pooja Bell or Ghanti, Nandi Cow sitting on top. We offer best affordable prices & Free Shipping PAN India. We also offer Easy returns & exchanges. T&C Applied. Brass is a material that has been used and cherished by our ancestors and it possess some miraculous health benefits which have been proved scientifically as well. There is an entire section dedicated to bells in Feng Shui. It is associated with different symbolism in different contexts. They can attract favourable energy which will bring good fortune into your home. The Practise of worshipping god with all the rituals helps you connect to your inner GURU and let you be the one with Divine. The sound of bells have both a psychological and physiological impact on us humans. The vibrations produced by the sound can activate the healing chakras in the body. This Brass Pooja Bell does not have Spiritual Benefits only but also have antique design that adds elegance to your Temple & also have Trendy looks for better ergonomics. Indian Art Villa is serving since 2012. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pure brass & copper products. Its Vision is to highlight the need of bringing highly skilled metal-working artisans (mainly copper) into the economic mainstream. The organization also promotes a culture- based development model that focuses on heritage and craft preservation. DECLARATION - Buy ORIGINAL products with "Indian Art Villa - HOLOGRAM" from our website "". Indian Art Villa is a Registered & Copyright Brand & Does not Authorize any other seller to sell their products under our or Similar Names. Be aware of fake sellers using our images to sell their products. Indian Art Villa does not provide any quality assurance for products bought from other sellers. Sticker on Products are for Refrence Purpose only."