Brass Pepper Shaker Embossed Design Storage For Pepper Powder Tableware Home Hotel

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SKU: IAV-BR-1-222

1.Brass Pepper Shaker ,Material:Brass ,Color:Gold , Total Weight(Grams):165 , Diameter :- 2.2" Inch
2.Brass pepper shaker keeps the original flavors of the black pepper in it's original state.Pepper stored in Brass shaker helps in maintaing it's quality for long time and with same flavours.It also helps in improviing health.
3.Usage: Use it for your Home, Hotel, Restaurant it gives ravishing look too the dining , This brass pepper shaker will look great and luxury on all events.
4.It looks quite appealing when kept on dinings tables in hotels and restaurants. It can be the unique gift choice for the special occasions.
5.Elegant And Attractive Design-The Elegant and Attrtactive Design lends this a rich look that will surely impress your guests and make your dining experience with family and friends memorable.
IndianArtVilla Presents Brass Pepper Shaker, A Unique and Healthy idea to serve in kitchen.Shake your spices with closed cap and ensuring spices end up only on your food by uncovering the cap after shaking.Perfect and most unique present for someone you want to gift for practical purpose.