Copper and Wellness: Health and Nutritional Benefits of Copper

Copper and Wellness: Health and Nutritional Benefits of Copper

The human body requires copper to carry out diverse vital functions, from helping create red blood cells to ensuring stronger bones and healthier nerve cells. Of course, consuming copper-rich food is the best way to get the copper your body needs.

Another interesting way to ensure a constant supply of copper to your body, regardless of the food you eat, is to cook and consume food in copper utensils.

Yes, you heard that right. That’s why in this blog, we are discussing all the health properties of copper and how to choose the best copper cookware to ensure you get all these benefits.

Health and Nutritional Advantages of Copper

Let’s explore the health and nutritional benefits of copper.

1. Enjoy better immunity

Copper has a huge role to play in your body’s immunity as it helps to create white blood cells, known as the defenders of the body. These cells fight off infections and diseases that can harm your body. Drinking water from copper bottles is one of the best ways to improve your immunity and the body’s ability to ward off harmful pathogens.

2. Ensure better digestion

Copper has a positive impact on the production of digestive enzymes and acids. This leads to more efficient digestion of food and absorption of the nutrients you need from the food. When your body gets the required nutrition regularly, it improves your overall well-being.

3. Say goodbye to inflammation

Copper is renowned for its diverse anti-inflammatory properties. By cooking and eating with copper utensils, you can supply your body with trace amounts of copper. This is beneficial to people with arthritis and other similar inflammatory conditions.

4. Protect your cells from damage

Repairing damaged cells is essential for health and well-being. Without adequate copper, it is impossible for the body to repair damaged collagen cells. As copper aids in collagen maintenance, consuming copper helps timely repair damaged connective tissues in the body.

5. Promotes building red blood cells

Red blood cells are an integral part of the health of the human body. Along with iron, copper aids in the creation of red blood cells and maintains their production. Lack of adequate red blood cells in your body can lead to anemia and other health conditions, such as tiredness, shortness of breath, weaker heart, etc.

6. Promotes iron absorption

Another benefit of consuming copper is improved absorption of iron in the body. As a major mineral needed by the human body, iron has a variety of roles to play in maintaining your health and well-being. And you can improve the absorption of copper into your body by cooking food using copper lota and utensils.

7. Keep your bones healthy

Copper is essential to keep your bones healthy. Along with other minerals, such as iron and zinc, copper promotes bone density and the formation of bones. If copper is not included in your diet adequately, it can lead to various unhealthy bone conditions like osteoporosis, which results in quick bone breakages.

8. Rejuvenates your skin

Copper is among the major ingredients that produce melanin, which is behind the health and color of your skin. Copper helps in the production of melanin, and it ensures faster cell production and healing of wounds.

9. Ensures better neurological health

Copper has an important role in the development and maintenance of the human nervous system. The mineral is an important ingredient in synthesizing neurotransmitters, chemical messengers that facilitate communication between nerve cells.

How Copper Utensils Provide You with Copper

When you cook and store food in copper utensils, small amounts of copper get into the food. This supplements the copper your body gets from the food you consume.

Although the amount of copper you can get from the vessels is very small, regular usage of copper cookware, such as copper utensils, copper bottle, copper lota, etc., can contribute to your daily copper requirement.

In ancient India, copper storage vessels were used primarily due to the health benefits these utensils offered over a period of time.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Copper Cookware

Choosing the right copper cookware is crucial for various reasons. The cookware must be top quality, leave up to your expectations, and add value to your investment. How do you ensure this?

Follow the tips below.

1. The brand you buy from

Check the brand you are buying the copper utensils from. It must be an established brand with adequate visibility. Buying copper utensils from unknown brands with no online and social presence is a bad idea as the products may not always be the best.

2. Top-notch manufacturing process

Try to understand the manufacturing process followed by the company you are looking to buy copper cookware. The manufacturing process needs to be top-notch and must be carried out by expert artisans with years of experience. Indian Art Villa has one of the most unique manufacturing processes in the market and it helps us deliver impeccable copper utensils to everyone.

3. Check the raw materials

Raw materials are another important area you must pay attention to. To manufacture the best copper utensils, you need pure copper sources from reliable suppliers. At Indian Art Villa, we always source copper sheets from the best suppliers after assessing the materials.

4. Look for certifications

Quality certifications are another aspect you need to check when trying to buy copper cookware. The certifications prove that the products are pure and can provide the health benefits you need from copper utensils, as there are no impurities in the vessels. We conduct diverse tests to ensure the quality and purity of our products.

5. Customer support

What if you need to replace a product? What if you have a payment issue and want to address it? You must be able to communicate with a customer support executive to resolve such issues. Hence, before buying your products, check the customer support provided by the seller, as well. Indian Arti Villa has a chat support system that you can access from our website at any time.

6. Collection of utensils

You may be looking to buy a range of utensils from copper bottles, copper lota, and other copper cookware. To avoid the inconvenience of jumping from one store to another or website to website, you must check the collection first. Buy from them only if the brand has enough collection and varieties of utensils you want to buy.


Copper is essential for the human body to function normally and remain healthy. While you can get the mineral from your food, one of the best ways to ensure its constant supply is to cook your food and eat it with copper utensils.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your food to provide copper as the cookware ensures its supply. However, an important aspect you need to consider when buying copper utensils is where you buy them at. Ensure that you are buying from a reliable company to get good-quality utensils.

At Indian Art Villa, we have a vast collection of the best copper cookware made with top-notch manufacturing processes. And you can buy any type of copper utensils without worry from us as we have a customer care team to help you out, as well.

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Author: Virendra Taluka

Virendra Taluka is the founder of Indian Art Villa, a company that specializes in copperware, brassware & bronzeware kitchenware, home decor and spiritual items. With over 18 years' experience in the industry, Virendra has dedicated his career to preserving the rich cultural heritage of India through his work. With a team of skilled artisans, he started producing high-quality brass utensils, copper utensils, and other household items that quickly gained popularity across the country.