Stainless Steel Stylish Cap for bottles Silver

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SKU: IAV-SS-10-110

Stainless Steel Stylish Cap for bottles Silver is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

1.Specification:- Stainless Steel Stylish Cap For Bottles, Material:- Stainless Steel, Colour:- Silver
2.That steel cap comes with standard size which fits with 750 ML and 1000 ML bottles.
3.Leakproof Design : Our specially designed leak proof cap prevents leakage. Go ahead, toss your bottle in your briefcase or bag as by the help of this cap water isn't going to leak or sweat.
4.Gives Stylish Look to bottles
5.Crafted by expert workers of india.
Indian Art Villa stainless steel stylish cap can be used with bottles to change their look. It gives a stylish look with easy to handle grip which can be used in office,holiday,home,party,outdoor,trips and many more purposes. Its steel body prepared by expert craftsmen of india. Leak proof and steel benifitial cap can be used by everyone. It comes in standard size with silver color which can be used with any color,design,shape and style bottle.