Pure Copper Luxury Design Glass Tumbler Cup 300 ML Each

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Type: Copper Glass
SKU: IAV-CC-1-101

IndianArtVilla Copper Glasses helped to prevent the spread of diseases.In many tests it showed that 99.9% of the bacteria on copper alloy surfaces (with 65% or greater copper content) were eliminated within 2 hours of exposure. Our Rishes, saints and even doctors have found a very easy method to deal with such disorders. The best remedy to overcome these problems is to store water in a copper utensil overnight and drink four glasses every morning. After this you can wash your mouth and brush your teeth. It is also advisable not to take tea for at least 45 minutes. Patients who can not drink four glasses of water at a time, can start with er quantity and increase the quantity gradually. There is no diseases in the world which can not be cured by this method. It is useful to drink water before sunrise for all including healthy persons. We request everybody to propogate this morning water use to every one whosoever is suffering from any disease.

AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS - Drinking water stored in a pure copper vessel has many major health benefits. It's rumoured to slow down aging, aids in weight loss, helps in pregnancy and it’s a strong antioxidant that helps fight off diseases and boost brainpower. You’re only a few clicks away from looking and feeling like a new person! Let this ancient practice create a fresh start for your body.

Cleaning Instrucations:- Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher. Use pitambri powder to clean copper utensils and wipe with soft cotton cloth.

Product Descriptions:-

 Sku Set of Material Weight (gram) Capacity (ml) Dimensions (inch) Color
IAV-CC-1-101 1 Pieces Copper 80 300 ML  4" X 3.2" Brown
IAV-CC-1-101-2 Pieces Copper 160 300 ML  4" X 3.2" Brown
IAV-CC-1-101-4 Pieces Copper 320 300 ML  4" X 3.2" Brown
IAV-CC-1-101-6 Pieces Copper 480 300 ML  4" X 3.2" Brown

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