Bronze Kansa Utensiles Flower Design Thali Plate, 10" Inch, Serveware, Dinnerware, Tableware, Gold

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1.Spefication:- Bronze Flower Design Thali Plate ,Material:Bronze ,Color:Gold ,Weight(Grams):500 ,Height(inch):1" ,Width(inch):10"
2.Traditional Design Very appealing and Eye Catching
3.Bronze Utensils are actually very healthy to eat in, whereas it is equally injurious if the bronze use is impure. Bronze is a mixture of 80% copper and 20% tin. So choosing pure bronze is must. “Bronze (Kansa) Increases Intelligence” is written in Ayurveda. It also purifies the food and even cures acidity if kept in it for a while.
Note: - Foods like pickle, curd, etc. should not keep in it.
4.Care Instructions: Keep away from corrosive liquids; Wipe with a clean soft cloth
5.It is specially handcrafted from bronze to offer optimum durability
Pick one of the trendy and classy multi purpose Bronze plate from INDIAN ART VILLA and set it on your table. Filled with your favorite fruits and healthy veggies, this dish will certainly look fabulous. Care Instructions: Clean by Dry Cloth and Use Pitambari Powder Specially for Bronze Material. Also Used for: Enhance the décor value of the house, office, Worship Place hotel, etc. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, etc.Specialty: made from bronze handicraft designs traditional and natural feel lustrous and gold like appearance made by the craftsmen. Enhance the décor value.